Sea Club V Beach Resort is situated directly on Crescent Beach offering our guests amazing soft, cool white sand beach and activities in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Crescent Beach is known throughout the world as having one of the whitest, finest sand beaches. It is also the best swimming beaches on the island, boasting calm, shallow, crystal clear waters. Swimming at Sea Club V Beach Resort beach is relaxing for adults and safe for children, where many a child has taken their first “Sea-bath”.

Our sun is hot and our sand cool so we suggest vigilant moderation when it comes to the sun. The sand on Crescent Beach is so white it reflects all the sun's rays, this of course makes it great for walking, without getting one's feet burned but also this fact means that all the sun's ray's are reflected back to you, the Vacationer, even if you're enjoying the shade. We suggest all should be more careful then normal and ever mindful of the sun, when enjoying the beach at Sea Club V Beach Resort, Siesta Key.

Siesta Key

While you visit with us, you'll have the option to be as busy or as relaxed as you like. Chill out in the refreshing freshwater pool and its invigorating whirlpool spa, or lounge on one of the comfortable beach cabanas. Take a stroll on the world's whitest finest sand beach or if you'd like, discover the undersea environs at Point of Rocks, just south of our resort. They're all yours to explore and enjoy.

To find your way to Sea Club V Beach Resort and the spectacular Crescent Beach, click here for driving directions. We look forward to welcoming you to Siesta Key!