Owner Relations


You can contact the reservations department by telephone at 1-941-349-1176 or toll free 1-800-475-1176 in the U.S. and Canada, by fax at 1-941-349-7698, or by email at reservations@seaclubv.com.
The annual Maintenance Fee is due each year by January 1. You will receive by mail, prior to this date, an invoice with the amount indicated for each unit/week that you own including real estate taxes.

Payments can be made by check to:
Sea Club V Condo Assoc. Inc.
6744 Sarasea Circle
Sarasota, Florida 34242

Please include your account number (which is the same as your unit week number) on your check. Payment can also be made by credit card, by faxing back your invoice with your credit car information written on it, to the attention of the Accounting Department at 1-941-349-7698. Be sure to include your credit card #, expiration date and signature on the fax. You should keep your credit card statement on which the charge appears as your receipt. Failure to pay your maintenance fee by the due date will result in loss of occupancy for that year. Please contact the Accounting Department directly with any additional Maintenance Fee questions you may have.


Sea Club V Beach Resort is affiliated with two of the largest exchange companies in the world. Resort Condominiums International, or RCI and Interval International or II. Existing owners who upgrade or purchase additional weeks will have their RCI or II account updated by the resort to reflect and changes in ownership.
The exchange companies handle your requests to bank your weeks and make vacation exchanges. You can find an excellent explanation of RCI’s or II’s system and how it works at www.rci.com or www.intervalworld.com. A tip for those who wish to enhance the value or their spacebanking – Bank your week(s) early to earn maximum exchange value. As a Sea Club V owner, you can contact the RCI or II Customer Service numbers below to bank your week or make your exchange request. The resort itself does not handle the banking of your ownership week. RCI member services – 1-800-338-7777. II member services – 1-800-843-8843.


If you want to let friends or family use your unit/week instead of coming to the resort yourself, a Guest of Owner Form must be completed before we can check your guest in. Submit the GOW Form to the Reservations Department or email the form to reservations@seaclubv.com.
There is a $25 Guest of Owner Fee charge to update your guest’s reservation. We can also handle your request to rent your unit by completing a Rental Agreement Form, should you decide that you will not use your occupancy.


The reservations department is onsite, and can handle your general questions about the use of your unit/week. If you want to request an internal exchange, which means using your unit/week for dates other than your ownership, you must be a member of RCI. Contact the RCI Customer Service Department at 1-800-388-7777 to make your request. The normal domestic exchange fee will be charged for this service by RCI.


The Resale Office of Stringer Realty, Inc., is located on site at Sea Club V Beach Resort. Our professional on site real estate agents and will assist you with the purchase of your Vacation Ownership Unit/Weeks. Whether you are an existing owner interested in purchasing an additional week, or if your vacation needs have changed over the years, our professional on site agents will be more than happy to discuss alternatives with you. If you are not yet a member of Sea Club V Beach Resort, but would like more information, contact our Resale Department directly at 1-800-346-0883. Email requests are also welcome at resales@seaclubv.com.


You can list your unit for rent with the our Reservations Department, if you decide that you will not be occupying it. Contact us at 1-941-349-1176 or 1-800-475-1176 in the U.S. and Canada or by fax 1-941-349-7698 to request your Rental Agreement Form, which contains all the details of the program. Please be advised that a rental cannot be guaranteed for your week(s). The resort recommends that if you are unable to come to Sea Club to use your week and the unit week has not been rented within two weeks of the arrival date, that you bank it with the exchange company, RCI or II, to be used for a vacation exchange. Your ownership can be banked with RCI or II up to 14 days before the start date of your week.

Sea Club V


6744 Sarasea Circle, Sarasota FL USA 34242
Toll Free: 800.475.1176 | Office: 941.349.1176
Fax: 941.349.7698