Guest of Owner Agreement

This Agreement is entered into between Sea Club V Condominium Association, Inc. hereinafter referred to as Association or Agent and Owner(s) (herein “Owner”). In consideration of the mutual covenants contained herein, the parties agree as follows:

I. Appointment of Agent. The undersigned Owner on behalf of himself/herself and any other Co-Owners of the timeshare interest(s) described above (herein “Property”) appoints Agent as exclusive agent, with powers of enforcement, of the Property for the effective period and property described above.

II. Fee. Owner agrees to pay to Agent a $25.00 Administrative Fee for use of the property.

III. Security Deposit. Owner has made Guest aware that a minimum security deposit will be secured from his/her guest upon check-in and returned at check-out if the unit is found in satisfactory condition. In the alternative, Agent may take credit card information and charge damages against the card after Guest checks-out.

IV. Use Periods. This agreement is good for the property stated above. Owner agrees to be responsible for the additional cleaning costs if the Property is occupied by more than one guest during the course of the interval, requiring an extra cleaning. In addition, the Owner shall be responsible for any damage caused by the Guest, their guests and invitees.

V. Condition Precedent and Disclaimer. All assessments or other monetary sums due the Agent must be paid prior to this Guest of Owner Agreement becoming effective. By signing this Agreement Owner states that the Guest is not a renter of the property, but is in fact, a guest. Owner acknowledges that if Owner sublets his property and avoids collecting and paying the proper sales tax to the State of Florida and the Resort Tax to the County of Sarasota, it is a violation of State law, punishable by a fine and/or placement of a tax lien against the property; Owner will be responsible for registering with the State of Florida as an agent for the collection and payment of Florida Sales Tax and Sarasota County Resort Tax.

VI. Rules and Regulations. Owner acknowledges that Owner has made his/her Guest aware of the provisions of the governing documents of Agent, including the Declaration of Condominium, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of the resort. Violations of the provisions of any of these documents by the Guest, their guests and invitees, may result in a fine to the Guest or Owner and/or the Guest being removed from the property.

VII. Owner’s Warranty. Owner warrants he/she is the owner of the Property described above and fully authorized to enter into this Guest of Owner Agreement; Owner has not exchanged the right to use the Property for the interval listed above via any interval exchange system; and Owner has the authority to enter into this Agreement and agrees to indemnify and hold Agent harmless from any claims by co-Owners. A copy of this Agreement signed by the Owner may serve as the original.

VIII. Age Requirement. Owners Guest must be 25 years or older to occupy the unit.

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