Can I receive mail or packages at the resort?

Yes. Our mailing address is:

Sea Club V

6744 Sarasea Circle

Sarasota, Florida 34242


What is the earliest I can check-in on Saturday?
Check-in is after 4:00 PM on the first Saturday of your deeded ownership week. Please do not ask to check in earlier than 4:00 PM. There is a tremendous amount of work being done from the time a guest checks out until check-in. This is the only time we have to clean the unit and attend to any necessary repairs. The office is not staffed continuously; therefore you must make arrangements in advance for late arrival after office hours. There will be a $25 charge if no arrangements are made and a staff member or off duty security guard has to come out after the office is closed to check you in. Our toll free number is 1-800-475-1176.


I want to exchange my week. Do I call the resort, RCI or II?

You do not need to call the resort when you want to bank your week. We are affiliated with two of the world’s largest exchange companies, RCI and II. Either of these exchange companies will bank your week and process your vacation exchange. As you are an owner at an RCI “Silver Crown Resort”, you can request an exchange anywhere around the world at any of the more than 5000 resorts affiliated with RCI and II. Call RCI Member Services number 1-800-338-7777 or II Member Services number 1-800-843-8843. International owners should consult their RCI or II Resort Directory for the appropriate numbers for their member services office.


I called RCI to deposit my week(s) and I received a postcard from them telling me that my “spacebanking was denied”. What happened?

There are several reasons why RCI may have rejected your spacebanking. In order to deposit you week, your maintenance fees must be up to date with the resort for the current year. If your fee has not been paid, you must contact the resort to take care of this before RCI will accept your banking request. For owners who may have upgraded or changed ownership recently, be sure that you are requesting to bank the correct unit/weeks. You may be trying to bank the unit or week that you previously owned. You can verify your ownership by contacting the resort. If you are still not sure why your week was returned, contact the Reservations Department at 1-800-475-1176 for assistance.


How can I find out the dates for my week this year?

Each owner receives an annual newsletter with the timeshare calendar for the upcoming year. If you can’t find this calendar, check out our on line timeshare calendars. These calendars are based on Saturday as the check-in day.


I will not be using my unit week this year, but I want a family member to use it. Do I need to notify the resort?

As a courtesy to the Reservations Department and for your guest, please notify the resort of their name(s) before their arrival so that reservations can update their computer. There is a $25 Guest of Owner Fee that is charged by the resort to the owner. You can complete the Guest of Owner Form and insert your guests’ names and your intention to let them use the unit in the comments section.


When do I pay my Maintenance Fees? How much is it? Where do I send my payments? Can I put the payments on my credit card?

Your Maintenance Fee is due on January 1 of each year. You will receive and invoice before that date from the Accounting Office. The amount of the fee will be indicated. Your checks should be made payable to Sea Club V and mailed to:

Sea Club V Condo Assoc. Inc.

6744 Sarasea Circle

Sarasota, FL 34242.

For your convenience we will be able to accept your maintenance fee by credit card. We accept all major credit cards.

Who looks after the condo when we are not there?

Just as the owners share in the initial purchase price, they also share the cost of maintenance. We elect a board of directors who in turn hires a manager that operates the resort just as any other hotel or resort property. The management invoices each owner once a year (in December), a minimal fee for each week of ownership. That fee is to cover the operating costs and covers the expenses such as water, electricity, housekeeping, replacing furniture, building insurance, etc. etc.

I own a week at the end of the year. Why should I have to pay my maintenance fee in January?

Collecting maintenance fees has to be made as simple as possible, with necessary penalties to ensure compliance. The collection date is specified as January 1st each year for ease of accountability. It is acknowledged on every contract as an agreeable condition of purchase. As with any rule or regulation, there has to be one rule for everybody or otherwise there would be no control. Why should the majority of owners that pay on time have to pay for the collection services of those that are tardy?


What if I want to use my week to come back at a different time of the year?

That is one of the reasons timeshare ownership is so unique, because we are affiliated with an exchange network called RCI; With your membership in RCI, you have priority of exchanging back into your home resort at a different time of the year before anyone else. Standard exchange rates apply. Just call the RCI toll free number 1-800-338-7777.


What if I do not want to come back to Siesta Key every year?

Sea Club V is affiliated with two of the world’s largest exchange companies with a network of over 5000 other timeshare resorts worldwide which allow you to trade/exchange your home resort every year to a different location for just $209 (domestic US) or $229 (international). Each resort in the network is graded by quality, location and season of the year to ensure the “fair exchange” policy of RCI. Here at Sea Club V we have the highest possible grades which allows all of our owners regardless of which week they own – the highest trading value. An exchange can be made up to a year in advance or on as short notice of just 48 hours – for a complete explanation of how to make an exchange please refer to your directory or link over to RCI web site at http://www.rci.com


Sea Club V


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